Deborah Willcox, General Manager, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

It has been a pleasure working with Kate on the Whole of Hospital Program over the past year. Her expertise, drive and commitment to the program has been inspiring for the many clinicians that she has worked alongside to help improve Royal Prince Alfred Hospital’s (RPA) performance with the National Emergency Access Target (NEAT).”

“We were most impressed with her ability to generate drive and commitment to significant change processes within the hospital. She provided significant support to our Program Lead and Emergency Department staff with the transition to Team Based Care and departmental clinical redesign. All of this has contributed towards us meeting our targets and setting us up for more positive results.”

Patrick McNeil, Executive Clinical Director, Liverpool Hospital

Kate Brockman has a deep personal knowledge and experience of health care systems and strategies to bring about major change to hospital clinical practice. Her key involvement in Western Australia’s successful introduction of the ‘4 four rule’ within Emergency Departments gives her significant credence as a subject expert in these types of change processes.”

“Moreover, she is able to present the concepts, reasons, and strategies for change in a manner that is readily understandable to coal face clinicians, a key skill in facilitating clinician engagement.”

“As well as providing high level leadership and advice to the Ministry’s group, Kate worked as a local facilitator of change at selected hospitals within NSW, one of which was Liverpool Hospital. She brought a strong project management perspective to the change efforts that are required at a local hospital level, and provided an important central resource to ensure local work was coordinated and focused.”

“During my interactions with Kate, I have found her to be insightful, analytical, and possessing good clarity of project outcomes. She is an outstanding communicator and works well within a team. She has an excellent understanding of change management theories, approaches and strategies, and of project management. She works well with clinicians, an essential ingredient for credible change agents. I can very strongly recommend Kate Brockman without hesitation as a highly valued member of any team leading major health care reform.”