Quick look review

The Quick Look Review, also known as The Brockman Review, is our fastest and greatest value service.

In just one week, including 2 days onsite and some limited data analysis, HRC are able to complete a rapid high level review of patient flow and access to emergency care in your hospital. Also included are elements of the Board and Executive Briefing and Clinical Engagement services to inform and build momentum for rapid transformational change.

The output of the review is a 8-10 page report summarising findings with key recommendations. Topics in the report include high level reviews covering:

  • High level reviews covering:
    • Hospital/ED activity profile
    • ED processes
    • Patient Flow processes
    • Ward processes related to patient flow
    • Hospital Operations Management
    • Improvement Program
  • Recommendations covering:
    • Quick wins
    • Overall recommendations

Please contact us on healthcare.reform.au@gmail.com, or +61 448 010 674 if you would like more information about HRC or our services.