Project and Program Management

One of the benefits of our experience in healthcare reform for the past 9 years is that we have seen a great many attempts at project and program management in the health sector. Approaches here can be overly bureaucratic and cumbersome, or are simplistic and fail to add value.

At HRC we recognise that purpose of project and program management is for senior leaders to be able to exercise their governance and support obligations on the reform program; whilst providing team members with the clarity and authority they need to implement. This doesn’t require a complicated program office or project documentation.

Our project and program management service provides for:

  • Simple project management documents incorporating Agile philosophies
  • ‘One-page’ project progress reporting
  • Robust program charter
  • Routine program progress reviews with relevant stakeholders

With these project and program governance elements in place the organisation is well place for rapid implementation and improvement; whilst being able to identify and overcome any challenges along the way.

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