Detailed Review

Our Detailed Review service focuses on completing a deep dive investigation into patient flow and access to emergency care across the hospital resulting in two robust reports namely the Diagnostic Report and Recommendations Report.

The Diagnostic Report covers our three signature studies (see below), as well as a detailed review of the Business of the Hospital, and Business of the Wards, before reviewing the Operations Management of the Hospital and the Reform Program. The three signature studies created by the HRC team are:

  1. ‘Who owns the timeline?’ study. The WOTTL study tracks all patients through the ED over a 2-4 day period and captures unique timepoints and operational/clinical data, and cultural practices that are not available through existing hospital IT systems. This study enables leaders and clinical staff to deeply understand their operation and this understanding lays the foundation for the reform program.
  2. ‘Why am I still here?’ study. The WAISH study entails a bed usage audit against HRC proprietary criteria to identify the proportion of beds that are occupied for sound clinical purposes, or are occupied with patients experiencing delays in discharge for non-clinical reasons, or are empty. The insights from this study help with reducing ward length of stay and improving ward productivity.
  3. ‘Was the bed empty?’ study. The WTBE study investigates the bed allocation process and answers the fundamental question of ‘Is there a shortage of ward beds leaving patients stranded in the ED?’. Our insights with this study have transformed executive and clinical thinking regards hospital wide bed usage.

The results from the above studies are benchmarked against other hospitals across Australia through our proprietary de-identified database of operational metrics and are included in the report.

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