Clinical engagement

Clinical engagement is paramount to the success of any reform program in health. At HRC we recognise the critical importance of widespread engagement and buy-in for effective reform. This is built on mutual trust, open dialogue and an encouragement of staff to become more actively involved in leadership and management activities. The language of quality and safety as drivers for change is a must.

Clinical engagement is a key strength of our staff. With a widespread clinical background with our direct staff and sub-contractors HRC is uniquely placed to translate the language of reform across all levels and specialties of your staff. The credibility gained from working with over 60 sites nationally cements this.

HRC staff use a number of techniques and resources to engage directly with, and support senior leaders to engage with, clinical staff as required. These are built into all of the services offered by HRC and include:

  • Direct discussions based on previous experience
  • Site visits to exemplar sites
  • Guest speakers
  • Compelling data based patient stories
  • Literature and published research

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