Board and Executive Briefing

We are able to provide health board members and hospital/area health senior executives briefings on current issues patient flow and access to emergency care. Topics covered in this customisable 1-4 hour session include:

  • The history of the Four Hour Rule and National Emergency Access Target programs
  • How 4HR/NEAT leads to improved clinical outcomes
  • Key analysis techniques to diagnose performance opportunities in your organisation
  • Proven solutions across the hospital
  • Strategies for rapid implementation
  • Sustainable change
  • Clinical engagement and change management opportunities
  • Future directions in healthcare excellence

Kate will share her unique insights into implementing rapid improvement in a fresh, candid and highly interactive manner. Insights will be drawn from the book ‘Healthcare Reform and the National Emergency Access Target, 5th Edition’.

Please contact us on, or +61 448 010 674 if you would like more information about HRC or our services.