About us

Our history

Healthcare Reform Consulting (HRC) is the result of work undertaken in Western Australia during 2008 – 2011 to improve access to emergency care. Initially working as the Program Lead for Royal Perth Hospital’s 2008 Unplanned Patient Journey Program, Kate went on to serve WA Health as the Program Lead for Royal Perth Hospital’s Four Hour Rule (4HR) Program which saw 4HR performance improve from 42% to 90% in just 18 months. The 4HR program set a target of 90% of patients being treated in the ED and either admitted, discharged or transferred in less than 4 hours.

In late 2011 the 4HR program transformed to become Australia’s National Emergency Access Target (NEAT) program and Kate left WA Health to start HRC. Since forming HRC Kate has worked directly or indirectly with over 60 hospitals across Australia. With this experience Kate is uniquely placed to review your hospital operations with an emphasis on Emergency Departments and Patient Flow to identify the challenges and opportunities in your organisation.

Kate is a regular presenter at national and international healthcare conferences where she is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost experts in improving access to Emergency Care, Patient Flow, and Hospital Operations Management.

Our approach

Our approach is focused on developing a sound understanding of the issues preventing the hospital from achieving optimum operational performance. Our Quick Look Review aims to provide hospital senior leaders with rapid feedback on their current performance with recommendations for quick wins. Our Detailed Review uses our proprietary studies to conduct a deep dive into hospital flow resulting in a comprehensive Diagnostic and Recommendations report. These two reports can form the foundation for a hospital reform strategy to drive improvements across the hospital.

Supporting these activities are our Clinical Engagement Seminars where medical and nursing practitioners are engaged and briefed on the hospitals performance and best practices in patient flow and hospital operations. These seminars provide the mechanism to engage with clinicians on a ‘peer-to-peer’ basis and bring them along on the change journey.

Our results

Working in partnership with hospital senior leaders our clients have achieved rapid improvement in operational patient flow and performance as measured by the percentage of ED patients that are treated in 4 hours. Examples include:

  • Improving hospital 4HR from 42-90% in 18 months (Royal Perth Hospital)
  • Improving state-wide 4HR from 62-76% over 12 months (New South Wales)
  • Improving hospital 4HR from 50-80% in 6 months (Canberra Hospital)

Our team

Our close knit consulting team brings a unique skill mix to each engagement which allows HRC to quickly find and implement those critical few solutions that bring about rapid sustainable improvement in performance.

Kate Brockman (Director)

Kate Brockman is a Registered Nurse with over 18 years’ healthcare experience. She led the inaugural reform program at Royal Perth Hospital that gave rise to WA’s Four Hour Rule. Kate has been highly successful in her change agent roles assisting a number of healthcare organisations to develop effective and efficient operational systems to improve both patient flow and productivity.

Paramount to this is her ability to lead and manage complex organisational change, contribute to building organisational values and culture, and work across and within disciplines to achieve service improvements across operations. Having reviewed and advised at more than 60+ hospitals across Australia, Kate is uniquely placed to advise on best-in-class work practices, reform programs, and cultural change.

Mark Walmsley (Senior Manager, Commercial Manager)

A reform leader and change champion with 18 years of experience in aviation, military, healthcare, and mining. Mark has been extensively involved in public healthcare system redesign and change management since 2008. He has experience in on the ground analysis and excels at working with stakeholders across the spectrum to analyse situations and develop innovative solutions.

Having been a senior executive in a number of business areas, Mark understands the requirements for buy-in and ownership of both problems and solutions and how to rapidly implement to achieve quick improvement in performance.

Please contact us on healthcare.reform.au@gmail.com, or +61 448 010 674 if you would like more information about HRC or our services.